Library Furniture

Whether it is called ‘Library’ or ‘Media Center’ or ‘Reading Areas’, Systems Furniture Gallery can offer schools, colleges and corporate customers the best for these information centers of today. So much goes on in libraries and media centers beyond just reading of books. Today, there are collaborative settings as well as meeting areas where scheduled and impromptu interaction can take place in addition to the basic functions normally found in a library. We can help our clients achieve their goals, again as a one stop shop.

Library Desk Station The heart of any library or media center is the chargeout desk station. The looks of the setup can be tailored to best fit the design of the library or media center. Multiple finish and style options exist.

Library FurnitureA collaborative meeting area, comfortable lounge seating along with ample storage and display capabilities.
Library Seating Area A comfortable and functional area for impromptu meetings and collaborative efforts is a key ingredient in the layout of any library or media center.
Library Bookcase and Computers A modern new school with the latest in educational and student furniture can certainly help students learn better and faster.

School Desks

There can be no school anywhere without students. So in order to help students learn and be all they can be, Systems Furniture Gallery offers a wide range of student desks. From adjustable height, to non-handed ergonomic designed desks (either left or right hand use), to multi-user desks and tables, we have it all to offer you.

School DesksThis classroom setting shows how one Smartlink student desk can be used both as a right hand and left hand student desk. You could also arrange the desk for center use as well. The Smartlink student desk is also height adjustable. Optional book and/or backpack storage is also available.
Clara Diamond Tables Clara Diamond tables unique shape makes it ideal for all grades, providing a unique, collaborative educational environment.
AlphaBetter® Desk With the AlphaBetter® Desk students have a new desire to learn. Designed for students in grades 3-12, the AlphaBetter Desk easily adjusts from 26″ to 42″ high to allow students the choice to stand or sit while in the classroom.

HON School DesksHON offers a variety of multi-user tables in various lengths and depths . Many of the tables are mobile and can easily be re-configured and some can allow for power and data lines and ports as well.

School Furniture

HON Smartlink Series Education Furniture HON Smartlink series education furniture can be easily adaptable for any and all classroom layouts. Creating a pleasing classroom environment helps students learn.

Classroom Desks A sleek and comfortable training room setting that works well not only for K-12 schools but also for higher education institutions.
Teacher Desk For the teacher, mobility of pieces, ample worksurface space and storage. Everything within arm’s reach. A great setting to help teachers do their best to educate students for the future.
HON’s Educational Furniture From pencils and pens to papers, HON’s educational furniture offerings are second to none. Helping schools and students achieve all they can is what HON and Smartlink is all about.

School Seating

School Couches Looking for comfortable, functional and affordable lounge or waiting area seating options? Systems Furniture Gallery has what you need and want in many styles and fabrics. We help make stylish fit your budget.

Straight Legged Chairs Here are examples of straight legged chairs (available in 4 different sizes for students in K-12), as well as adjustable height mobile chairs and stools for any and all classroom settings.
School Chair More than just the perfect compliment to the Izzy+ Clara table, Hannah is durable, practical, stackable and available in nine delicious colors that are sure to match your school!


What’s the best way to visually communicate thoughts and ideas to others? On a whiteboard or visual presentation board. These easy to install and use items are essential not only for education but also for business. Systems Furniture Gallery has a wide selection of these items for you.

HON Smartlink Whiteboard
For the classroom, or just about any learning, conference or training room for that matter, HON’s Smartlink wall learning rail systems can be very useful. A large white board with sliding white board sections, fabric tackboard sections as well as hanging hooks gives you all that you need for a dynamic presentation.
HON Hanging Whiteboard
Bring the backside of large furniture to life with HON’s hanging markerboard. Shown on the rear of a Smartlink mobile storage cabinet, this image says it all about maximizing use of furniture, especially in a learning environment.

HON Chairs


KI Chair and Desk


Artcobell Desk


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