Hospital Exterior Doctor and Dentist Sign

Furnishing hospitals, urgent care centers, hospices, doctor’s offices, and waiting rooms is challenging. Medical equipment is, for the most part, sterile and cold looking. Spaces are often extremely tight. Lighting is harsh. Décor is minimal. Furniture pieces must be easy to clean and practical. Yet despite these restrictions, these spaces have to be more that just purely functional, they also have to be attractive for users and visitors. SFG sales and design professionals help clients select furnishings and finishes that meet these requirements.

Many healthcare companies are rethinking how their offices should look, feel, and function. Waiting rooms and lobby areas are being redesigned, adding more comfortable guest chairs, clear welcoming signage, and electronic self-sign-in stations. Common areas where physicians, nurses and techs interact are shifting from centralized deskbound records management to mobile data entry, reducing the need for traditional desks and office chairs in these areas. Work tables, seating at counters with stools, and rolling equipment open up many new configuration options for healthcare common work areas.

As healthcare records management shifts from paper documents to digital archives, more floor space will become available in healthcare facilities. At SFG, we are watching this societal shift and are poised to help healthcare facilities reassess and redesign their space to better meet modern practice needs.