States, counties, cities and other municipalities all have traditional office spaces, large and small meeting spaces, and public-facing spaces. Many also have open work areas, public or private dining facilities, lobbies, and some have outdoor spaces that serve various functions. SFG can work with government clients to phase in furniture updates over several funding cycles or design and furnish wholly new spaces when agencies relocate or expand.

One micro-niche in which we have deep expertise is providing all the furniture, appliances, equipment and specialized storage needed for fire stations. Our designers excel at blending cozy homey furnishings for restful lounge and sleeping spaces with more commercial furnishings for office and workspaces, commercial kitchens, communal dining, and multi-user bathroom and laundry facilities. SFG fire stations are both comfortable for the firefighters, and highly functional.

SFG is the contractor-of-choice for many of the government agencies in Virginia and the DC area.