Education Portfolio

HON Huddle Tables One of the newly set up classrooms at The Lighthouse School in Nashville, TN as furnished by HON and shown in ABC’s Extreme Makeover series.

Modern classrooms, principal’s offices, cafeterias, teacher lounges, meeting rooms, clinics, libraries and technology centers require flexible, movable furnishings. including work tables, student chairs, cozy reading furniture, rolling
equipment, smart boards, and mobile computer carts. Flexibility is particularly important in the Pre-K through 12th grade market where teachers rearrange their spaces throughout the day to teach all subjects to the same cohort of students in the same

Storage is also an important factor in modern educational design. Lockers, bookcases, cabinets, media displays, and multi-functional pieces are necessary to house the vast amount of props, tools, and devices used in schools.

Specialty furnishings are required for science labs with technical equipment. Theater, music, and band classrooms often seek furnishings with special acoustic and sound-dampening features. Indoor and outdoor dining spaces for students,
faculty, and administrators often need furnishings like foldable tables and stacking chairs. We provide professional installation services, installing new furnishings during school vacations and over summer break, minimizing disruptions during the school
year. Additionally, we understand the unique funding limitations educational institutions face. We work hard to ensure our clients get the products they want at prices they can afford.

HON Major Desks Not all the schools that Systems Furniture Gallery works with are brand new structures. Often times we are also involved in renovation of existing schools here we update old style classroom furniture with the latest and best designs available.
Design Department When our cad design department works hand and hand with the architect and the school administrators, everyone is assured of an on time and on budget furnishing of offices and classrooms process.
Modern New School A modern new school with the latest in educational and student furniture can certainly help students learn better and faster.