Several trends are colliding in the world of office space design, causing businesses to rethink how they use their space. First, workers want to be mobile, not tied to desks. Computers and communications are now mobile so work can happen anywhere. Second, work is becoming more collaborative. This trend is creating a growing need for more small-group and teaming work areas and a coinciding decrease in the need for one-person walled-in cubicle-style work areas. The third trend for businesses is growing out of increasing interest in human factors and ergonomics. Simply put, this means people want to be comfortable when they work.

At SFG, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to identify which of these trends is causing their true “pain point”. Then we propose solutions like wired-up touch-down stations where workers can recharge their phones and computers, connect to the company server, and check in with colleagues and their bosses. For other companies we install work tables, rolling office chairs, lounge areas, and white board walls to facilitate brainstorming and collaborative problem solving. We offer sit-stand desks, adjustable ergonomic task chairs, and lighting options to relieve physical strains.

Whether businesses are looking for a complete redesign of their entire office space or are looking more for a few changes to improve their existing environment, our sales and design professionals stand (and sit) ready to help.

Corporate Portfolio


A client of Systems Furniture Gallery since the 1980′s. As they have grown from a small government contractor firm to a large corporation, we have been there with them to help with their office furniture needs through each of their growth and expansion phases.

Municipal Water Company

Local municipal water company. Project was for over 700 cubicles and workstations in a 10 story headquarters building. Project completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Government Offices

Local government. For well over 24 years, Systems Furniture Gallery has been proudly serving the office and school system furniture needs of the local governments not only in Northern Virginia but also in the surrounding Metropolitan Washington, DC area.