About Us

SFG Today

In 2014, Carol and Phil Allin, purchased SFG, joining it under the Systems Furniture Group family of companies which includes Office Outfitters (an office products and furniture company) and SEI Furniture and Design, which focuses on government clients.

Today, Systems Furniture Group provides office furnishings for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and businesses throughout Virginia and the greater Washington DC area. The company provides high-quality affordable commercial furnishings, combined with thoughtfully designed spaces.

Our Backstory

Over fifty years ago, a small company called Kay Furniture was started in Arlington, Virginia catering to young military families establishing homes in the Washington DC area. The company sold high-quality affordable home furnishings.

During the early 1980’s, local business owners were wrestling with the emerging problem of computers, printers, and other bulky equipment that needed places in offices. Kay Furniture worked with manufacturers to create new furniture pieces like computer desks, cubicles, and workstations for commercial clients. In 1983, Kay Furniture shifted focus from the residential market to business and government markets. The company name was changed to Systems Furniture Gallery to better reflect what the company now sold. Over the next three decades, Systems Furniture Gallery survived economic highs and lows, growing into a major commercial furniture dealership in the DC area.

With new owners, new furniture, and new energy, SFG continues to build on the efforts of the past and help companies grow into the future.